With increasing number of attacks, through email and email attachments which is constitute 80% of workforce timing in the office, it is very important to ensure security of email and business continuity.

By utilizing Mimecast technology, PBOTech focus is given to email security, business Continuity and Email Archiving. On top of many great features, we have unique product feature that have both email security and DLP as part of one solution.

Here are few highlights about our Email Solution that PBOTech can provide:

  • Stop advanced attacks – comprehensive and flexible protection across all devices;
  • Compliance support made simple – DLP, content controls and encryption;
  • The latest protection – multi-tenant cloud platform and fully integrated security stack for the very latest defenses. Retire legacy point solutions;
  • Build your ‘human’ protection – dynamic employee security awareness built-in;
  • Protect productivity and system performance – spam and viruses stopped before they reach your network. Leading employee self-service tools.